20.10.2010 - Version 2.4.5 maintenance Release

- changed: copy protection removed. (due to false positive virus alerts, was pointless anyway)
- changed: "%" value of bandwidth B(3dB) removed. (pointless)
- added: option to ask user for printout language (a bit stiched together, but wth? :))
- fixed: div/0 error when startfrequency=stopfrequency
- fixed: "File not found." error is properly dislayed now
- fixed: filename is now properly displayed in title
- fixed: "Insufficient Data Error" when chaning coupling factor
- fixed: loss tangent unit is now displayed properly
- fixed: preferred printer is now displayed properly
- fixed: x-axis of repeat measurement is now displayed when no thermal sensor is attached
- fixed: ".txt" extention is now correctly added (error could not be reproduced???)
- fixed: results are cleared after new calibration
- fixed: Q and B values switched in printout
- fixed: old spectra with Q(mech) are now properly loaded again
- Full changelog.


30.08.2008 - Version 2.4.1 bugfix / maintenance Release

- added: optional measurement of the coupling factor directly after reading a new spectrum
- added: preferred printer selection
- fixed: start / stop frequencies were not properly refreshed
- fixed: optional printout language
- fixed: some translation fixes
- Full changelog.


11.08.2008 - Version 2.4.0 Multilanguage released

- added: different modes for automatic protocolling
- changed: measuring frequency now has 3 decimals
- changed: resonance impedance Rs now has 1 decimal
- changed: optional minimal number of points for figure of merit
- changed: change of measuring capacity is protocolled
- fixed: multilanguage german/english cleaned up
- fixed: error on the 4294A, when changing output signal
- fixed: linewidth is now remembered
- fixed: linewidth=0 disables the corresponding curve
- Full changelog.


11.05.2007 - Version 2.3.0 beta Multilanguage released

Major Release.
It's beta, because the language transition English/German is still a little bumpy.

- added: multilanguage support added
- added: 3 spectrum ranges for "Read New Spectrum" can now be pre-defined
- added: measurement of serial resistance Rs at resonance frequency f(min)
- added: user-defined precision threshold for k and q calculation
- added: auto-backup mode can now be chosen
- changed: EMC now remembers all preferences
- changed: automatic protocolling improved
- fixed: filename chaos in backup directory corrected
- fixed: eps(rel) is now recalculated correctly, if any geometry is changed to <=0 after measurement
- fixed: floating point error, when changing k without data
- fixed: print layout
- Full changelog.


04.03.2006 - Version 2.2.4 released

Please note our new eMail-adress

The user manual has been updated.

Fixed bugs:
- zoom error, when 'increase precision' was selected
- type of coupling-factor is now remembered correctly at next startup

Added Features:
- mouseover-hints
- save each spectrum during continuous measurements
- manual change of data and backup directories
- Full changelog.


15.12.2004 - Bugfix Version 2.2.3

Fixed bugs:
- files saved in German could not be reloaded
- sporadic div/0 error when changing coupling factor type
- the first character of the 'Measured by' field disappeared after loading a file

Added Features:
- option to merge or not to merge old and newly measured points (by customer request)
- option to delete the measured points (by customer request)
- Full changelog.


12.12.2004 - Bugfix Version 2.2.2

Fixed a bug where capacity calculation was wrong when the measurement Frequency was <> 1kHz.
- Full changelog.


01.12.2004 - New Version 2.2.1

The most relevant changes:
- Pro- and Standardversion unified.
- Versions for HP4194A and HP4294A unified.
- Fixed a whole bunch of bugs.
- Full changelog.

I will bring the datasheets and manuals up to date within the next few days.


25.11.2004 - The Dancing Hysteresis

Since I've beeen asked quite a few times: Here it is. The Dancing Hysteresis Video (2.4mb) for you to download :-)
Dancing Hysteresis
We're developing Piezolab HYS, a program to automate dielectric hysteresis measurements. I recorded this nice video of the temperature-dependent behaviour of the dielectric hysteresis of soft-PZT (-200°C to +200°C). To play the video you will either need the XviD (Freeware) -codec.

And here is the Ec(T)/Pr(T)-diagram (not a video):
You can nicely see at which temperature the ferroelectric domains have enoughenergy to overcome the major pinning effects in the microstructure.




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